Polarized sunglasses - what they actually do

Polarized sunglasses lenses

The polarised or polarized lenses eliminate reflections from bright light, better than any other lens sunglasses.
Polarized lenses drastically stop annoying reflections

How polarized glasses work:

The intense light reflected from our various surfaces produces glare and major discomfort. This light enters our eyes from different angles than the normal light and mainly horizontally. The polarised lenses allow to pass only the light entering at an angle closer to the vertical. This blocking of the horizontal light is what makes the polarized lenses so comfortable.

Polarized sunglasses are the best choice for driving
Driving wearing polarized sunglasses: watch the difference

The importance of polarized lenses is so great , that even high-fashion brands like, Dolce Gabbana , Prada, Armani, include them in their sunglasses collections.
Tests have shown that drivers who wear polarized glasses, stop more quickly when suddenly confronted with an obstacle.
The same tests also showed that drivers were not wearing any glasses, stop faster than thoose wearing the simple (non-polarized) glasses.

Polarized sunglasses lenses for better vision near the water
Polarized sunglasses always provide better vision at sea

The polarized sunglasses are the best option for driving in traffic, snow and sea, and in all the conditions where we have intense sunlight that enters our eyes after reflection.

Look for the letter 'P' (Polarized)

on the one of the two lenses of sunglasses means that glasses are polarized. Maui Jim is a company that specializes on making sunglasses with lenses of very high quality. Additional patented technologies are incorporated in these lenses that dramatically enhance colors.
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